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When traveling to Bali we recommend that you don't take too much gear - particularly clothing, as it is cheap and plentiful when you get here. The weather can be hot and the basic clothing to wear is light, cool and casual .This includes going out to restaurants and daily street wear. Take an empty suitcase and fill it as you go. Forget the washing until you get home (Although in many of the smaller hotels and local laundries you can get your clothes washed and pressed at really good prices).

Carry a couple of knapsacks onto the plane as they’ll be handy to carry around gear during your holiday. Your kids can pack this with some of their favorite things to keep them busy at the airport and on the plane on the way to Bali.

Reconfirm your airline reservation 24 hours prior to departure because airline carriers frequently overbook. Your hotel receptionist will do this for you.

ATM's are the best way to get cash you can get it as you need it. Best to always take cash with you when you go shopping because not all places in Bali accept credit cards. Avoid displaying large sums of cash in public.

It is better for you and your family to catch a taxi when you want to go somewhere. Alternatively you could get a private driver and car.  They will drive you wherever you wish to go.

We all hear a lot of stories about "Bali Belly". The advent of purified bottled water has taken the island by storm. You can buy the water at many of the small supermarket shops around the place and it is relatively cheap. Use it for drinking and brushing your teeth and avoid tap water at all costs.

Most of the good restaurants use it to prepare food and use ice made with purified water in drinks. As with most trips use good hygiene and common sense and you will be OK. When buying bottled water always check the seal is intact and purchase a recognized brand of water.


  • "Wet Ones" are useful everywhere.
  • Tissues come in handy if the toilets are undersupplied.
  • Sports drink bottles are great, so the kids have access to water at all times.
  • A calculator for quick exchange rate conversion.
  • Goggles for the pool - the chlorine can be very strong.
  • Sunscreen. You will need to apply regularly to avoid sunburn. It really isn’t worth getting burnt early in your holiday!
  • Can/stubby holder- you can get on the Island but it is easier to take one.
  • Have a dental checkup before you go if you have any doubts about your kids teeth.
  • A pack of cards/ A good book.
  • A torch.
  • personal insect repellent, if there are a few mozzies around at night.
  • Stuff for cuts and grazes - betadine.
  • Ear drops for swimmers ear/pressure on the flight.
  • Cold/flu preparations (changes in temperature and air conditioning often result in colds).
  • Headache / fever tablets.
  • See your doctor for diarrhea/nausea medications - many are not suitable for children. We suggest red cordial as an alternative.
  • Its easy to get dehydrated in Bali , take some rehydration salts- Gastrolyte.
  • Hangover cures?- don't forget the Berocca.

Most medical items can be purchased in chemists/supermarkets but you may not be able to understand the labels/directions so it's best to take your own , where possible.

If you have younger children , you may like to consider packing the following :

  • Disposable diapers
  • Formula milk
  • Some people take a stroller on their trip. They actually swear by how invaluable it is on their trip. Others comment that the sidewalks in Bali are not really set up for these, they are uneven and often have a lot of kerbs. They say if you are moving around better to use taxi's.

Please Note..

  • Nude bathing is prohibited and impolite on the beach.
  • Use sarong and appropriate cloth when you enter a temple.
  • Most of Balinese food is spicy.
  • Drink only bottled or boiled water - tap water may give you tummy trouble.
  • The ice in drinks is safe as it is government controlled
  • The dogs in Bali are not pets and wander the streets. It is best not to try to approach or touch them as they can often be snarly and you wouldn't want your kids to get bitten


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